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From Baltimore With Love

Meet Sam Smith..

Sam (Shena) Smith is a conductor of creativity energizing the Art & Fashion landscape in Baltimore and beyond.  


As a published Designer and Creative Entrepreneur, Sam is on a mission to infuse more soul into style and spark the wardrobe and wellness conversation.  In addition to Mom and Wife, Sam holds several titles including CEO of New Vintage by Sam, Author of Dressed in Motherhood, Style Therapy Podcaster, founding member of She’s Well Networked, Board Member of Bmore Empowered, Spicegirl at The Spice Suite & Black and Forth, Community educator and a trailblazer in the Baltimore community. 

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“Merging Wellness with wardrobe to drive a confidence through clothing conversation”

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"Stepping stones to self and soul care"

Let's Talk Style Therapy!

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Creating a Legacy...

Ashley, CEO of @Arryles

Service: Brand Photoshoot

My experience working with Sam was amazing. She was very attentive to all of the small details as well as finding the perfect location and staging on site to capture the perfect picture. I would highly recommend working with Sam as a creative Director for the most efficient and well planned photoshoot


Yes,I can speak to your group

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